Cool Tips to Increase Fiverr Earnings

Learn the Basics

For you to succeed on Fiverr.com, you have to know the fundamentals about selling. You need to know what sells and how to set up your gigs. Learn how to add keywords, images, and the right description to be found. Personally, I’ve found visiting different categories will give you a good idea on where you should be, but more importantly, focus on what you’re good at. For example,
  • Do you write great content?
  • Are you an expert logo designer?
  • Are you great at videos?
  • Professional SEO
To get a good idea, simply visit some of the categories and move forward from there because you’ll get great inspiration. Either way, you need to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of Fiverr.com before you get started.

Add a Video

Fiverr.com has stated adding a gig video will increase your selling rate by 200% because it gives people more depth into your gig. Just like video tutorials outperform text, Fiverr.com gigs with videos have been proven to do better sales wise compared to simple text. Adding a video builds a level of comfort and you’ll get a chance to showcase your gig in more depth, increasing the chance of conversions. Here’s a little trick to help you out…
You can get a video created for $5.00 on Fiverr.com and then upload it to your gig. Just make sure you are detailed in your requirements so the video comes out perfect. Send important information to be added to the video like proven statistics, breakdown of gig, and add a personal touch to introduce yourself to the customer.

Delivery Time Matters

With Fiverr.com, delivery times is a huge contributing factor in increasing sales. You have to remember a majority of people outsourcing on Fiverr.com are looking for a quick turnaround time so need the project delivered within 2-3 days. When I was selling gigs on Fiverr.com, I was outselling people who have been on there for 3-4 years just because my delivery time was half theirs. Before listing your gig, it’s important to find out the average delivery time for your category, which can be done two ways.
First, start by skimming through the other gigs, looking for average time, which is the longer way of doing things. Secondly, you can use the advanced filter to narrow down the times, which is something Fiverr.com recently introduced. I would filter down delivery times to the shortest then try and work something better because it will definitely help boost your selling rate.
In Part 2, I’ll be covering some more awesome strategies to increasing Fiverr.com gig selling rates. When you utilize all of these strategies together, you’ll be able to increase conversions quickly and make money through simply Fiverr.com gigs.

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