Emily Ratajkowski translates into a short cutscene, how the technology works fast charging, developed by OnePlus.
Emily Ratajkowski is of Polish origin, American model and actress. Apparently it has signed a contract with OnePlus, which has lent his image in this latest video. OnePlus is a very interesting proposal, which has included in its technology implemented fast charging your smartphone, called the Dash Charge. Emily Ratajkowski explains exactly how it works. Over the years, manufacturers of smartphones incorporate a technology responsible for theslow loading cells. The advantage of this solution, however, was low-temperature, which was emitted during the process. With the increase in the number of units of energy transmitted to the device, there were complications – even in the form of overheating of the equipment.OnePlus has a much thicker cable (300%) of the standard chargers, so that the smartphone can be delivered more energy in a much shorter time. What's more, the solution manufacturer is adequately protected against overheating of the equipment and the loss of energy during the charging process. Unfortunately, just look at his eyes Ratajkowski to note, as the next verses are read by her with a prompter. I do not get too much use of the model for such a task beyond the obvious desire to attract customers and build a controversy around the whole idea. Just as some people wrote in the comments – the probability that the model uses this type of technology offered by OnePlus is low. Is this a marketing gimmick has a raison d'etre? As to this, I have mixed feelings.Source: OnePlus

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